Diogo Jota is on the verge of World Cup frustration due to injury

Diogo Jota is on the verge of World Cup frustration due to injury

Diogo Jota

Liverpool and Portuguese key striker Diogo Jota were injured. The red light turned on for the World Cup, which is a month away.

Liverpool won 1-0 at home against Manchester City in the 11th round of the 2022/23 season Premier League at Anfield in the morning of the 17th (Korea time), thanks to Mohamed Salah’s dramatic winning goal in the 31st minute of the second half.

Liverpool have been in a slump recently. Before the season, he was a strong candidate against Manchester City, but now it is unclear whether he will advance to the UEFA Champions League next season. However, he scored seven goals against Rangers during the week and defeated Manchester City to provide a chance for a rebound.

But it’s a situation where I can’t laugh comfortably. The main striker Jota collapsed due to injury. In the game, Jota started and was carried off on a stretcher just before the end of the game.

The results of the examination have not yet been released, but the appearance of Jota being carried on a stretcher is making many people’s hearts ache. Neil Jones, a reporter for Liverpool in the U.K., said, “Liverpool is anxiously waiting for the results of Jota’s injury screening. They are in fear that Jota’s World Cup hopes could be threatened,” he said. 강남풀싸롱

In particular, Jota is the main striker for the Portuguese national team. With the World Cup just a month away, the absence of the helm means Portugal’s power leak. Jota has scored 10 goals in 28 A matches. He is scoring one goal in every three games.

Currently, Portugal is said to have weakened its power compared to the past due to the aging of Cristiano Ronaldo. Jo 펠리o Felix, Rafael Le,n, and Bernardo Silva are holding out, but their power will be halved if the helm is missing.

Liverpool also face a tight schedule before the World Cup. They have to play Champions League and League games on weekdays and weekends. Firmino is on standby if the helm is missing, but it is far from what he has shown in the past. Liverpool and Portugal are also likely to be waiting for Jota’s examination results.

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