Do you take off your hair and tail when you eat shrimp?

Do you take off your hair and tail when you eat shrimp? Throwing away nutrients.


Shrimps taste good, but they are rich in nutrients such as tarin, which helps your health. When you eat shrimp, you often remove the head and tail for texture, which can cause you to throw away good nutrients.

Taurin in shrimp is known to act on sympathetic nerves in the brain to stabilize blood pressure. It also helps relieve fatigue. It also suppresses the production of cholesterol that causes angina and myocardial infarction and decomposes cholesterol infiltrated into vascular tissues. It is also effective in preventing various blood-related diseases such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis by suppressing excessive platelet cohesion that blocks blood flow.

In particular, the useful nutrients of shrimp are abundant in the head, tail, and shell. Therefore, it is recommended not to remove the shell and eat the whole shrimp. Taurine was found in the head and tail, and chitosan was also found in the shell and tail. In addition, many proteins and DHA in the shell help improve brain development and memory.

When choosing shrimp, it is better to choose transparent, glossy, and solid shells. The shrimp head has a strong fishy taste to eat raw, so you can enjoy its unique savory taste if you grill it closely. If it is too much to grill and eat, it can be used as a salty natural seasoning after removing the head of grilled or steamed shrimp and drying it well.토토사이트

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