Do you win by coming to Changwon Gymnasium

Do you win by coming to Changwon Gymnasium, which is so cold that you can’t train?


“It was an environment where I couldn’t train properly. I don’t know if it’s managed by LG or Changwon City, but I think this should be supplemented quickly.”

Changwon LG lost 85-101 in a home game against Jeonju KCC at Changwon Gymnasium on the 26th. LG, which failed to continue its five-game winning streak, recorded 15 wins and 10 losses, falling one notch from tied for second to third.

If you find fault with LG, which is on a roll with unexpected results, it is the home winning rate.

In the away game, he has 9 wins and 2 losses and a winning rate of 81.8%, but at home, he has 6 wins and 8 losses and a winning rate of 42.8%. The winning rate of the home game is only about half that of the away game.

Ahead of the match, KCC manager Jeon Chang-jin met with reporters and asked, “Is the stadium warm?” and voiced regret over the training environment at Changwon Gymnasium rather than the contents related to the game.

“I couldn’t train properly (on the afternoon of the 25th and the morning of the 26th). I have to be considerate of the away team, but I can’t train (at Changwon Gymnasium) because it’s cold. I brought a parka and bought 20 hot packs because it might be cold before the game. It is the first time to enter a parka when coming to play.

Do we set it up so that we can only play? Why do you make enemies when you have to be considerate of the other team? We shouldn’t let this go. You have to do what you have to do. You have to create an environment where you can use the gym for the other team. It’s always cold here. I know that other clubs have also protested.”

LG played an away game against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation at Daegu Gymnasium on October 20 last year. It was the second away team to play in Daegu. Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation, which was the first team, played in Daegu on the 10th after having its home opening game on October 9.

It is safe to say that LG is the first team to play away games while training from the previous day in Daegu.

LG complained that it was cold because the Daegu Gymnasium was not heated. It was a mistake made because neither the Korea Gas Corporation nor the Daegu Gymnasium facility manager had experience. LG said it understands the position of the Korea Gas Corporation, which runs the team for the first time.

LG, which said it was cold in an away game in mid-October, is not considering the other team at all at a time when the cold wave hit. There is no excuse for the first time like the Korea Gas Corporation.

Heo Woong said, “It was my first time to be cold while exercising. I even wore a parka and exercised. That was too much. It was so cold that I couldn’t even touch my cheeks, so it felt like playing basketball outdoors, he said. “When I asked Kim Joon-il, he said it was cold when he worked out this season. It was cold until this morning (26th), but it was warm in the afternoon (before the game). “It is normal and natural to do this,” he said.

Kim Ji-wan said, “It was very cold, and it was an environment where I couldn’t train properly. He said, “I don’t know if the gym (heating) is managed by LG or Changwon City, but other teams will also come here and play, so I think this should be supplemented quickly.”

In the early days of the launch of professional basketball, the home team trained first and then turned off the heating at the gym when leaving, preventing the away team from training properly.

LG has set up its own training court at the auxiliary stadium in Changwon Gymnasium. The away team can prioritize training the afternoon before the game or in the morning of the day, and LG can train at the auxiliary stadium at the time they want.

You don’t have to pay attention to the environment in which the opposing team trains at Changwon Gymnasium 토토추천

The heating of the gym will eventually be done by the Changwon Facilities Management Corporation. However, if the players complained that they couldn’t train, wouldn’t they have solved it somehow?

In the end, it is LG that has to solve this problem, and the opposing teams may be playing even harder in the away game in Changwon

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