Dolsing Mom’ Bae Soo-jin, a high-speed relationship three..

Dolsing Mom’ Bae Soo-jin, a high-speed relationship three days after meeting her first love of “Unmarried Man” → cohabitation (‘marriage’)

Channel A’s hyperrealism cohabitation observation love story and 2023’s biggest problematic work, “Cohabitation, Not Marriage,” will reveal the history of love between a couple, Bae Soo-jin and Bae Sung-wook, who are their first love, to immerse 4MC Han Hye-jin X Lee Yong-jin X Lee Soo-hyuk.

Bae Soo-jin

The story of Bae Soo-jin & Bae Sung-wook, who fell in love with each other at first sight, and who were separated by a prank of fate, met again as “Dolsing Mom” & “Unmarried Man” will be revealed in “Romance, Not Marriage” ahead of the first broadcast on the 20th. Bae Soo-jin and Bae Sung-wook invited their friends to the housewarming party.

Bae Sung-wook introduced the two friends, saying, “They’ve been watching the process of meeting Su-jin, breaking up, and meeting again.” Bae Soo-jin introduced her best friend, saying, “We became close while working at the same company, but I met Sung-wook because of my sister.” The identity of the best friend was Lee Hye-sun, who appeared in the first season of the romance program “Transitional Love,” and the MC Corps was also surprised.

At a meeting with his friends, Bae Sung-wook blushed as he recalled the first time he met Bae Soo-jin`s thanks to Lee Hye-sun while on vacation from the military. The two, who fell in love at first sight with each other at the first meeting, eventually told the fateful love story that they started dating in three days after contacting each other all three days from the first day. However, the two continued to like each other, but they said they broke up, which caused regret.

Lee Yong-jin said, “What kind of world is this?” as the story of Soo-jin, who starred in “Doll Singles,” Lee Hye-sun’s appearance in “Transfer Relationship,” and the reunion of Bae Soo-jin and Bae Sung-wook, who joined “Living, Not Marriage.” “I feel like I’m watching ‘Avengers’,” he said, adding that he was amazed by the unexpected development. Han Hye-jin also said, “What kind of a prank of fate?” and drew laughter by showing Bae Sung-wook & Bae Soo-jin, who are more dramatic than dramas, being too immersed in their first love, separation, and reunion.

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