DON LEE Reveals Eternal’s Behind-the-scenes Cut

DON LEE Reveals Eternal’s Behind-the-scenes Cut “The Strongest Warrior and Humorous”


Actor DON LEE, who Marvel chose, was shown in “Eternals.”

U.S. media entertainment Weekly reported an article titled “Meeting 10 New Heroes in the Eternals” on the 18th (local time). “Eternal” is an alien from the Olympian planet whose genes were manipulated by God, just like Celestia. Sent to Earth to fight evil villains. It has been protecting the Earth for more than 7,000 years.

Entertainment Weekly introduced interviews with major actors in “Eternals.” In an interview, Ma described Gilgamesh as “extreme power and strongest Eternal warrior.” DON LEE explains, “He protects his family and human beings, has a cautious and reliable personality, leading the team in battle.” “At the same time, he is a funny person and has a sense of humor.”

He has a deep connection with Tena, played by Angelina Jolie, and often prefers to attack the enemy with her fist. DON LEE said, “I’ve been a boxer for more than 30 years since I was young, so it fits perfectly. Gilgamesh’s action was based on boxing, so he was able to add actual boxing moves.

Angelina Jolie was surprised at the size of the ‘Eternals’. “It’s definitely the biggest thing I’ve ever done,” Angelina Jolie said. “It was a great experience as a director to watch the production team manage it.”

The acrobat Tenna is one of the elite warriors of the group, and she can pull various weapons out of the air. For the film, Jolie not only learned how to use various weapons by herself, but also practiced ballet to capture elegance. Most of Angelina Jolie’s weapons were added to the latter half of the film with CG. Angelina Jolie said, “It’s strange to see her training and practicing because she’s throwing things in the air, grabbing things, and splitting them in half. I feel a little strange. You reach out into the air and you say, “Is that a knife? Is that a spear? “What am I doing?” He explained, “It’s getting more interesting, it’s the process of completing the puzzle.

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