Doran kept the concept of the combination by teleporting in the beginning

Doran kept the concept of the combination by teleporting in the beginning


Gen.G e-Sports beat CTBC Flying Oyster after a difficult game.

Gen.G’s top liner “Doran” Choi Hyun-joon played a decisive role by using teleportation at the beginning of the game.

Gen.G played a slugfest against Flying Oyster in the fourth day of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship group stage at Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, on the 11th (Korea time).

Although he had difficulty with the opponent’s aggressive movement, Choi Hyun-joon became a strong pillar of the team.

Against Flying Oster, who completed a strong upper body combination by taking out Lenecton-Lissin-Cyndra, Gen.G prepared a strong bottom line match by choosing Caitlin-Lux.

It was important to get through the early stages safely because he also picked Hecarim, a growth champion, in the jungle.

Gen.G’s bottom duo provides a level 1 resh to help ‘Peanut’ Han Wang-ho’s stable jungle.

On the other hand, the bottom duo of Flying Oyster, who chose Calista-Pike, first arrives at the bottom line without a rish and starts pushing the line.

Gen.G’s bottom actively tries to trade deals even though he arrived late, taking advantage of Caitlin-Lux’s strength.

However, as he faced his skills, he received CS and was pushed back by Flying Oyster’s bottom, who took the second level first.

Soon after, Gen.G faces a diving crisis as “Gemini” Hwang Chu-shuan’s Lyshin arrives at the bottom.

“Doran” Choi Hyun-joon, who was taking the lead in the top line match at a desperate moment, uses teleportation at the bottom to hand over the diving crisis.

It would have been a difficult game if Bottom had dried up with Dive, but with Choi Hyun-joon’s use of teleportation, Gen.G will take a breather.

Choi Hyun-joon helped the bottom by teleporting at the risk of losing the line, but even after returning to the top line, he played a line game against “Rest” Schissze’s Lenecton.

Without any checks, Choi Hyun-joon showed good growth as Sejuani, and the bottom line that Choi Hyun-joon helped is also back on track.

Since then, Gen.G has struggled with Flying Oyster, a strong combination in a hit, but each time, Choi Hyun-joon has firmly centered the team with Sejuani, who has grown up well.

Based on strong tanking in a difficult one-shot structure, he led the team’s one-shot, and in the end, Gen.G finished the difficult game with a victory with Choi Hyun-joon’s performance.

After the end of the game, Choi Hyun-joon scored about 31,000 deals with Sejuani, ranking first in overall deals. 토토사이트

From the initial turret teleportation to the contribution of hits based on good growth, Choi Hyun-joon proved his value and raised expectations for future games.

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