e sports LOL World Cup-TI ratings have plummeted side by side, why?

e sports LOL World Cup-TI ratings have plummeted side by side, why?

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◎ LOL World Cup drops TI ratings
– LOL World Cup and TI, the largest events of League of Legends and Dota 2, are experiencing a sharp drop in viewers’ demand side by side. Even if the competition was not over yet, it showed low indicators. In the case of the LOL World Cup, the maximum number of viewers was 3.88 million and 4 million in 2020 and 2021, with an average of 1.11 million and 1.29 million, but this time it decreased significantly to 1.65 million and an average of 810,000 in 2022. In the case of Dota 2 TI11, the number of viewers decreased significantly compared to TI10.

Some people cite this as a reason for the venue of the competition. The LOL World Cup has the majority of Asian viewers, as the venue is the Americas, so there is a big time difference. TI is also being held in Singapore, which is hard to see in continental Europe, where major viewers are gathered. In addition, the increase in the number of people engaged in outside activities as the pandemic caused by COVID-19 ended is also cited as the main reason.

◎ Change the LEC format?
– According to a report by Alejandro Gormis of Blix.gg, the format of LEC changes significantly from 2023. One of the biggest changes is to expand the split from two to three. In the first three weeks of each split, a three-day Superweek is held. In addition, at the end of each split, the top eight teams will perform the schedule in GSL format. This is a method of dividing the winner and loser groups and is also called a dual tournament method.

◎ LCK Authorized Agent System Launched
– The LCK League corporation and the Korea e-Sports Association officially announced 62 “LCK authorized agents” recognized by the league on the 21st. Only those who passed the qualification test under the permit system can serve as LCK-certified agents for two years, but this year, as it is the first year of the system, the qualification test was exceptionally replaced with a seminar and the certification effect was limited to up to one year. If a player’s immediate family member performs the role of an agent, he/she must obtain an authorized qualification, and annual membership fees and qualification tests are exempted, but only the agent work of his/her immediate family can be performed.

◎ PGC 2022 Team List Revealed
– 12 Asian teams, 8 European teams, 6 Asian Pacific teams, and 6 American teams will participate in the PUBG international competition PGC 2022. As a result of the PGC points accumulated in regional competitions, four Korean teams, six Chinese teams, and one each from Japan and Chinese Taipei/Hong Kong/Macao teams will participate in the Asian seed. In Korea, Guangdong Freix, Gen.G, Hungry, Dana, and E-Sports won tickets to PGC 2022. 토토추천

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