Ector Beyerin leaves Arsenal, barely fulfilling his dream of returning…

Ector Beyerin leaves Arsenal, barely fulfilling his dream of returning to Barca…

ector Beyerin

Spanish Barcelona defender Ector Beyerin (27) is on the verge of being kicked out of the team.

“Barcelona will break up with right fullback Beyerin at the end of this season,” 90MIN, a British football media outlet, said on the 6th, citing Spain’s Cadenaser. Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez said he wants to sign Girona’s 19-year-old Arno Martinez for 20 million euros.

Spanish defender Beyerin left Arsenal (England) last summer and wore a Barcelona uniform. However, the situation is already out of the eyes of the coach. As soon as he transferred, he had a hard time due to injury, and even lost the competition for the main player. He played only three league games this season, and even this was only one start. Instead, Barcelona defenders Jules Cunde and Serge Roberto are mostly taking chances to start.

For Beyerin, it is a sad situation. Because returning to Barcelona was his dream. Beyerin is a former Barcelona youth player, but he moved to the Arsenal youth team in 2011 due to lack of attention. Since then, he has been an Arsenal defender for a long time. However, the playing time gradually decreased. Last season, he also spent his time on loan at Real Betis in Spain. In the end, he terminated his mutual contract with Arsenal last summer with one year left in his contract and moved to Barcelona. At the time, Beyerin expressed her feelings, saying, “I’m happy to be back home.” But too soon, the dream was shattered.

Girona defender Martinez, who Barcelona is aiming for, is considered a top prospect. He played as a starting pitcher at a young age and played in 10 league games this season. He has enough offense to score two goals. He is also characterized by being from Barcelona Youth. It seems that he will adapt quickly to the team. He is a young talent who will be in charge of the team for a long time if he settles down well. The contract with Girona runs through 2025.

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