EDG “Scout,” “I want to meet and play Showmaker.”

EDG “Scout,” “I want to meet and play Showmaker.”


“Scout” Lee Ye-chan chose Damwon Kia’s “Showmaker” Heo Soo as the player he wants to meet the most in the World Championship.

Lee Ye-chan’s Edward Gaming (EDG) defeated WE in the semifinals of the 2021 LPL Summer Playoff at Hongqiao Special Stage in Shanghai on the afternoon of the 29th, securing a ticket to the final and confirming the direct run to the Rolled Cup. Lee Ye-chan, who returned to the League of Legends after three years, said, “I think Damwon Kia Heosoo, who won the LCK, is a really strong mid-liner, so I want to meet him at the League of Legends.”

Lee Ye-chan, who lost 2-3 to WE in the first round of the playoffs, was able to get revenge through this match. When asked what had changed from the last game, he said, “I didn’t understand meta well before and I didn’t know WE’s play style well,” but I understood WE’s style through other games and fully understood meta change. “I was confident that I would win again,” he said, explaining why he was able to win.

“We made a lot of mistakes and failed to smooth the process of pushing or changing the line,” he said, referring to the early stage of the second set of WE, but the reversal through the battle. “But I felt that we were better at fighting than WE when we already had two-core items, so I calmly ran the game and looked for a chance to turn the tables.”

EDG will play the final against the FPX, which they did not meet in the playoffs. When asked how he thinks the game against FPX midfielder “Do In-bee” Kim Tae-sang will go, Lee Ye-chan said, “We will prepare thoroughly for the final match against the FPX and show a different side from this game.” “The championship of WE “Shanks” and “Do In-bee” Kim Tae-sang is different. “I think we need to prepare different strategies for Banpick.”안전놀이터

Lastly, Lee Ye-chan said, “I think I have a chance to show good performance in the LOL Cup this year,” and “I’m really looking forward to all the games in the LOL Cup,” ending the interview by saying his thoughts on advancing to the LOL Cup.

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