EPL top-class MF is finally on sale…Let the club go

EPL top-class MF is finally on sale…Let the club go


Declan Rice is expected to be put up for sale in the transfer market.

Rice is a top English Premier League midfielder in name and reality. Although his team, West Ham United, is a little behind the so-called “Big Six” teams such as Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea, everyone seems to clearly recognize Rice’s skills.

It has already attracted the attention of many clubs. Clubs that needed to reinforce the midfield, such as Chelsea and Manchester United, have consistently shown interest in Rice and have actually approached her. West Ham manager David Moyes, however, set a fairly high price for Rice’s transfer fee, clearly expressing his position on what he thinks of Rice. Moyes said even 100 million won cannot meet Rice’s transfer fee, and should be 150 million.

However, despite Moyes’ stubborn attitude, Rice’s transfer seems unstoppable. Britain’s “The Athletic” said ahead of Rice’s 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup round of 16 against Senegal, “I want to play in the Champions League (UCL). I’ve said this over and over again for the last two or three years. I have consistently shown good performance in my team, and I want to keep pushing for it. “I was on the national team and met my teammates who wanted to play in the UCL and seek trophies,” he said, expressing his desire to play in the UCL.

West Ham finished seventh in the EPL last season and were unable to participate in the UEFA Europa League (UEL) championship. West Ham are currently ranked 16th. If the same pace continues in the second half, it is highly likely that the next season will not be able to join the stars’ stage. Rice wants to play with higher-level teams and on stage for her career.

In the end, West Ham also seem to have decided to let Rice go. The Athletic said: “Rice won’t be sold in January in any case, but West Ham internally admitted they would have to sell Rice in the summer. Rice also plans to leave the team in the coming summer,” he explained.

The teams aiming for Rice are still the same. Chelsea are hoping to recruit Rice in preparation for the departure of N’Golo Kante and Jorginho, and Manchester United is also reportedly maintaining interest in Rice. The media analyzed that Manchester City, the big player of EPL, will focus on recruiting Jude Bellingham.

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