er Click B, was swindled more than 100 million won? Shocking..

Kim Sang-hyuk, a former Click B, was swindled more than 100 million won? Shocking update (‘Advanced sisters’)

Park Mi-sun X Jang Young-ran X Kim Ho-young, the advancing sisters-GoMin Cut Salon, foretells the resolution of the concerns of those with amazing stories, including first-generation idol Kim Sang-hyuk.

Kim Sang-hyuk

Channel S’s “Advanced Sisters” trailer, which airs on the 24th, featured a storyteller who looks like he would appear in a fantasy game. The sender, who introduced herself as the cosplay world champion, made everything herself, including the props the character brought, clothes and wigs, and Park Mi-sun said, “Aren’t you a genius?” Genius,” he said, expressing admiration.

A person with amazing willpower who lost as much as 65kg also came. The sender said, “I was originally 125kg, but I lost 65kg. “I’m hesitant to have children because I’m afraid of yo-yo coming,” he said. He said, “I want to enjoy being slim as much as I lost weight by trying, but my husband loves my child so much,” and his sisters could not hide their sadness.

Finally, Kim Sang-hyuk, who successfully transformed from an idol to a businessman, appears. Kim Sang-hyuk announced the shocking status, saying, “The amount of money swindled due to my thin ears exceeds 100 million won in just one or two years.” While the sisters were shocked, Kim Sang-hyuk said, “I’ve been living hard… Was I just a mean person…He blamed himself. Park Mi-sun said, “I thought it was just a bright and fun character…He felt sorry for me. It is curious what kind of story will be hidden from Kim Sang-hyuk.

Meanwhile, “Advanced Sisters” can be watched on SK Broadband Btv Cable No. 1, Channel S (SK Broadband Btv No. 1, KT Genie TV No. 70, LG U+TV No. 61, LG Hello Vision No. 81, Delive No. 74, SkyLife No. 150 and HCN No. 69).

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