ERA 7.26 → 1.14 The pitcher who was released twice

ERA 7.26 → 1.14 The pitcher who was released twice is the closer candidate Dodgers Magic.


The LA Dodgers did not catch closer Craig Kimbrel (Philadelphia), who became an FA after finishing last season. Veteran bullpen Blake Trinen, who has experience in finishing, has undergone surgery on his right shoulder joint and rotator cuff, making his return this year unclear.

However, right-hander Evan Phillips (29), who has emerged as a candidate for a new finishing pitcher, is reassuring. The finish has not yet been confirmed, but Phillips is expected to take responsibility for the back door if there is no reinforcement of the remaining off-season bullpen.

Dodger Blue, a media outlet specializing in the Dodgers, is famous for its adjustment ability to draw the highest level through pitcher analysis on the 3rd (Korea Standard Time). Phillips, who has been transformed into the best relief pitcher, is one of the most recent beneficiaries of Dodgers magic,” he said, predicting that his role will grow with the new finish of the 2023 season.

Phillips, who was named to the Atlanta Braves in the 2005 draft as 510th overall in the 17th round, was a sub-average pitcher before coming to the Dodgers. After his debut in Atlanta in 2018, he had only one win, three losses and a 7.26 ERA in 49 games for three and a half years before coming to the Dodgers through the Baltimore Orioles and the Tampa Bay Rays. He moved to the Tampa Bay Rays two days after being released from Baltimore on August 3, 2021, but threw only one game and was transferred to the DFA.

While waiting for release, the Dodgers made a waver claim and took Phillips. Phillips, who recorded one win, one loss and a 3.48 ERA in seven games in 2021 after moving to the Dodgers, became a full-time bullpen last year. He had a career high season with 7 wins, 3 losses, 2 saves, 19 holds, and a 1.14 strikeout and 77 strikeouts in 64 games (63 innings). In the postseason, he recorded one win and one hold in five games, striking out 12 strikeouts and no runs in 6이닝3 innings.

“Success was a new experience for me,” Phillips said. I understood my ability and gained a new level of confidence. I knew I could do it on the mound, and I was able to continue to perform well. “I’ve lacked consistency in my career, but I’ll continue to do it in the future,” he said confidently confidence.

Phillips has a higher proportion of cutters and sliders than the average 96-mile (154.5km) four-seam fastball. It worked that he chose to change his pitch by throwing away the change-up he used before coming to the Dodgers. The number of walks per nine innings was also drastically reduced from 6.32 to 2.45 before and after the transfer to the Dodgers, and the ball control was stabilized.

Phillips said, “As a relief pitcher, I want to go out as often as possible and help the team. “One of the things I was most proud of last year is that manager Dave Roberts and the staff have become people they can rely on every day,” he said, vowing to play in the new season 안전놀이터

Meanwhile, Phillips, who has been eligible to apply for salary adjustment as a Super 2, is expected to earn an annual salary of $1.4 million this year. It is expected to double from the lowest annual salary of $720,000 in the Major League last year. It is a resource that the Dodgers can use at a low price for the time being by qualifying for FA after the 2026 season.

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