European Union confirms removal of Apple Lightning terminal

European Union confirms removal of Apple Lightning terminal

Apple Lightning

The European Union (EU) has confirmed that Apple’s “Lightning” charging terminal will be removed.

According to Reuters, on the 4th, the European Parliament passed a bill to unify mobile phones, tablet PCs, and camera charging ports into the following types.

Under the bill, charging terminals used in 27 European Union countries will be unified into ‘USB-C’ used in Android-based devices.

Under the reform, mobile phones and other devices sold after the fall of 2024 must be compatible with a single charger (USB-C), said EU lawmaker Alex Aguius Saliba, who led the bill.

As a result, Apple should also apply USB-C to iPhone and iPad products sold in Europe by 2024.

Apple has already introduced USB-C ports to some tablet PC products such as iPad Pro and iPad Air.

However, iPhone and iPad charging terminals are still applied with Lightning charging terminals, so additional measures are needed.

Meanwhile, movement to unify USB-C terminals continues in various parts of the world.

On the 28th of last month, Anatel, a Brazilian telecommunications regulator, proposed an agenda to unify the charging port of a smartphone to USB-C.

In September, a ban was imposed on iPhones that sold only USB cables without chargers.

In India, Indian Consumer Affairs Minister Rohit Kumar Singh said in August that he is considering adopting a unified charger. Apple Lightning

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