Excluding the lineup for the third day a man with an annual

Excluding the lineup for the third day a man with an annual salary of 27.5 billion won went straight to the Yankees’ manager’s office


A view of Yankee Stadium was introduced on USA Today on the 26th. About two hours before the Texas-New York Yankees game, reporters gathered in front of Josh Donaldson’s locker in the Yankees locker room. The reason why reporters visited there was to hear the player’s thoughts on being excluded from the starting lineup for three consecutive days.

Donaldson, who was holding the bat, answered reporters’ questions as if he had cut it off, saying, “I don’t have time right now,” and immediately headed to the Yankees’ manager’s office. This is where coach Aaron Boone will stay before the game. The conversation between the ultra-high-paying player and the coach, who visited the manager’s office amid threats of extreme sluggishness, seems to have been about 30 minutes since the two stayed in the same space. Coach Boone was 30 minutes late for the interview with reporters before the game.

At this point, something seems to have happened. However, reporters and fans who would have waited for a cool answer may have been disappointed. According to the article, Boone calmly said, “I and Donaldson talked. We just had a long conversation,” he said. He is still cautious from the coach’s point of view.

The Yankees won the game 5-3. However, he has recently been struggling with a lack of offensive power. In the previous three games, he scored only 2-2-1 points per game. It is fatal that Aaron Judge, the main gun, was out of power due to a toe injury, but Donaldson also failed to meet expectations at all.

Donaldson was born in 1985 and is a veteran in his late 30s. The annual salary is $21 million (about 27.5 billion won), but it is not worth the ransom at all. Although he returned after spending about two months with a hamstring injury, he has a batting average of 0.125 (8 hits in 64 at-bats) in 21 games. At least, he filled six of his eight hits with home runs, and his OPS is relatively better at 0.603.

Both the club and the field seem to be troubled by how Donaldson should handle it. The media also pointed out that the Yankees are not yet ready to “transfer the nomination” of players with an annual salary of $21 million 사설메이저사이트

The possibility of Donaldson becoming a burden to the Yankees has already been raised since last year. Donaldson has a high record of being the American League MVP in 2015, but he showed signs of shaking with 148 strikeouts, only batting average of 0.222 last year when he moved from Minnesota to the Yankees.

Donaldson has $8 million buyout option and $16 million team option next season

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