“Eyes Are Real Art” BTS Jimin Amazing Real Review

“Eyes Are Real Art” BTS Jimin Amazing Real Review


BTS (BTS) Jimin’s amazing real-life review is drawing a lot of attention.

Recently, incumbent bodyguards Jung Seung-min and Yang Tae-il, who said they have been guarding K-pop’s representative artists for years, appeared on Channel A’s digital channel “AYO” (Ayo), and released Jimin’s real-life reviews.

When asked about the review of the American bodyguard who said Jimin is the prettiest man he’s ever seen, they said, “We look at all the bare faces of celebrities, and when we look at Jimin’s face, he’s pretty and he’s got fair skin.” “Your face shape itself is pretty,” he explained about Jimin’s slim, solid body, white skin, and small and unique face shape.

“Your eyes are really art.” “Your eyes are very teary.” There is a strange charm that looks sexy. “It’s very beautiful,” he said, describing “eye,” one of Jimin’s most famous attractive points.

As a result, foreign media also started to report intensively.

BTS’s bodyguards admired Jimin’s beauty in the U.S. “koreaboo,” “Bollywood Life,” and “Line Today.” We can all sympathize,’ he said, expressing great interest by quickly reporting.

Jimin was previously selected as the “best natural handsome man” recognized by plastic surgeons.

Anthony Young, a renowned U.S. plastic surgeon and influencer 3.9 million followers, chose Jimin as the “natural handsome” representative among the world’s most attractive people who did not get plastic surgery.

In addition, “Dactrio,” a YouTube channel of doctors including plastic surgeons in Korea, praised Jimin’s face with the newly coined term “pretty+handsome” and especially “fell in love.” I’m staring at something and I think I’ll just get sucked in. It is usually described as “breathtaking,” but if you sit like that and stare at it, it is breathtaking,” drawing intense sympathy from the fans.안전놀이터

Jimin has been called “handsome and pretty” among fans, creating a mysterious atmosphere such as flawless white skin, harmonious features on a small face, and large and long eyes without double eyelids.

The natural beauty of deep eyes and coexistence of Eastern and Western beauty is praised as a real star, exuding the beauty of Jimin (BTS), who has never seen before.

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