FA Bigman Deandre Ayton, are you leaving Phoenix?

FA Bigman Deandre Ayton, are you leaving Phoenix?

Deandre Ayton

Ayton could leave Phoenix.

“ESPN” reporter Adrian Woznarowski talked about the Phoenix Suns center, D’Andre Aiton, on Thursday.

Ayton is the big man who was named to Phoenix as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 draft, called the Golden Draft.

The power of the shooting in the midrange area was great, and the defense, which was considered unstable at the beginning of its debut, also increased.

Ayton, who helped his team advance to the finals last season, kept Phoenix under the net with an average of 17.2 points and 102 rebounds this season.

In particular, it is impressive that the success rate of field pitching reaches 63.4%.

Ayton, who finished his fourth season, will qualify as a RFA (limited free agent) this summer.

He is considered the biggest big man to become an FA.

If Phoenix is to protect its current power, Aiton’s stay is essential.

However, there is an unusual atmosphere between the two.

Prior to the season, Phoenix and Ayton had failed to reach an agreement due to difficulties in negotiating an extension contract.

At that time, Aiton wanted the maximum salary earned by a number of draft colleagues, and Phoenix, which was burdened with luxury taxes due to contract problems with other players, hesitated to give Aiton a maximum contract.

Ayton, who entered the season with a sad heart, finished the season in a bad mood.

The team suffered a crushing defeat in Game 7 of the second round against Dallas, and Aiton, who struggled with foul trouble, scored five points in the 17th minute.

He even refused to be interviewed after the game.

In the meantime, a lot of Aytontion is being paid to Ayton’s future move.

“Deandre Ayton feels that his value is not properly appreciated in Phoenix.
Atton has seen his draft colleagues win a maximum contract, and he wants to receive it himself.
Ayton, who has qualified for the RFA, has more options.

“There are teams such as San Antonio, Oklahoma City, and Portland that have enough salary cap space to recruit Ayton.

There is also talk of sign and trade.

Ayton is expected to win a maximum contract somewhere in the market.

Phoenix needs to consider this situation,” he added.

Phoenix can still catch Ayton if he matches the offer sheet even if he is offered a maximum contract by another club.

However, rumors were widely circulated that Robert Saber, the owner of the club, was negative about giving Aiton a maximum contract during the off-season negotiations. 토토추천

Phoenix’s celery cap is already in a situation where it doesn’t have much room.

Which team’s uniform will Ayton play next season?

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