Four advantages of plank action to strengthen the core

Four advantages of plank action to strengthen the core


There are basic moves that you must do when you exercise. Squats and lunge are considered to be helpful to everyone. In addition, the plank is also a sport with many advantages.

Why does this relatively simple movement, which makes the floor and body aligned, have many health benefits?

Plank movements, which do not need to move the body aggressively or even stand up, take a lot of effort unlike what you see. It also has a great effect on exercise. The whole body is used to perform this movement, especially the core, which is the center of the body. The stronger the core, the more mobile it is, the less likely it is to be strengthened in terms of the reduced risk of pain or injury in daily life.

To see the effects of plank exercise, it is important to take the right posture first. A complete novice athlete can start with his knees on the ground or with a chair on his hand. However, if you have some stamina, you’d better keep it in line with the floor. Support the floor with your arms and toes and align the floor from head to heel. Make sure that the core is well tightened to prevent the hips from rising up or drooping down.

The plank strengthens hip muscles, the obtuse muscles and the quadriceps. These muscles play an important role in moving forward, especially when running. When these muscles become stronger, the pelvis and knees become stable, which makes the body more comfortable to move around during daily activities or exercising.

It also has full-body workout effects such as shoulders, arms, abdomen and back. During the plank, the spine remains in a neutral position, strengthening core muscles while also developing other muscles to improve stability.

As the core becomes stronger, the posture becomes better. This movement is especially necessary if you are in a group of professionals who sit in front of a desk all day or repeat a bent posture. Core muscles mean diaphragm, pelvis, endocardial muscle, abs, etc., which play an important role in supporting the spine and keeping the body upright, according to the Journal of Physical Therapy Science. Plank movements help keep these muscles healthy and strong, supporting the spine comfortably, ultimately maintaining the right posture.파워볼사이트

The core is responsible for handling the weight or force applied when moving the body. Low back pain and in the core muscles around the load is weak, can occur. In particular, pain in the lower back can appear significantly. Stabilizing the core is a way out of this pain. According to another paper published in the Journal of Athletic Training, a strong core distributes force evenly to the limbs when the body is moved. On the other hand, weak core makes it difficult to handle the load and the body becomes unbalanced, which can cause excessive pressure on certain muscles and cause injuries to the hips, hamstrings, and inner thighs. Therefore, in order to properly carry out daily activities such as climbing stairs and hiking as well as walking, sports such as plank strengthening the core must be preceded.

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