f(x) Luna Amber We met in New York

f(x) Luna Amber We met in New York


Girl group f(x) members Luna and Amber met.

Luna released a surprise photo on the 7th, saying, “My sister @amberliu💜💜, who is still cool.” They are hugging each other when they meet Amber. Amber’s playful expression still lingers, and Luna’s face in Amber’s arms is full of happiness.

Amber also released the photo. It is a picture of the two posing with humorous expressions, and the close friendship between the two is conveyed intact. Amber added “🐨🐶 in NY” with the photo. Luna expressed affection for Amber’s photo with a comment saying, “I miss you ❤️❤️❤️.”

Luna and Amber were loved by K-pop fans around the world by producing many hit songs while working as f(x).

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