G-Dragon, you got your handsome face back.

G-Dragon, you got your handsome face back.After cutting my hair, I recalled my prime time


Big Bang G-Dragon shared his daily life with his cat.

G-Dragon uploaded several photos on his Instagram on the 7th without any words.

In the picture, G-Dragon poses with his cat affectionately. He is looking at his pet lovingly, and he is staring at the camera together and leaving a “two-shot.”

G-Dragon’s handsome visuals as well as the cute appearance of the cat are eye-catching. Unlike his recent long-haired red hair style, his short black-haired neat hairstyle seems to recall his heyday.

GDragon was embroiled in rumors of a breakup with BLACKPINK Jenny in June. In addition, Big Bang, which includes GDragon, released its new song “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter” in April. Big Bang’s first new song in four years has attracted a lot of attention as a whole group. 코인파워볼

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