G-Star 2021, getting ready in earnest…quarantine top priority

G-Star 2021, getting ready in earnest…quarantine top priority

G-Star 2021

The G-Star Organizing Committee (Chairman Kang Shin-chul, hereinafter the Organizing Committee) has unveiled a basic plan for the operation of the G-Star 2021 considering the social distancing stage following the spread of new coronavirus infections (Corona 19).

The organizing committee said it will start preparing for the event with the highest goal of quarantine and safety to create an exhibition where all participants can participate with confidence to meet visitors and fans who have been waiting for the offline “G-Star” event.

The plan is to exclude uncertainty in the preparation process as much as possible by applying the quarantine rules of the current four stages of social distancing without hastily predicting the distancing phase of the “G-Star” (November). Therefore, the regular rules of the exhibition and fair, such as accommodating one visitor per 6 square meters of facility area, controlling the number of internal residents according to the criteria, mandatory PCR inspection within three days of the start of the event, or checking vaccination, will all be applied.

In order to strengthen quarantine activities, BEXCO’s outdoor plaza in Busan, where “G-Star 2021” will be held, will be set as the starting stage of quarantine. The entire three sides of the outdoor square entering the first exhibition hall where the B2C exhibition is operated will be controlled, and tickets will be checked, heated, and electronic entry lists (or safe calls) will be conducted at the entrance on the three sides. In addition, when entering the 1st exhibition hall, a personal disinfection is carried out with a thermal check once again, and after tagging the barcode at the entrance of the exhibition hall, the structure of entering according to the internal resident management system is followed.

In addition, electronic entry lists will be introduced for all participating booths, which will systematically manage the inside of the exhibition hall to effectively respond to unexpected situations during the exhibition, such as visits by confirmed patients.토토사이트

Meanwhile, applications for “G-Star” participants will be made through the official website until September 24th (submission deadline when booths are exhausted), and major event plans will be announced along with the results of the application in late September.

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