G-Star 2022 Caught Two Rabbits for safety and box office

G-Star 2022 Caught Two Rabbits for safety and box office

G-Star 2022

G-Star 2022 ended safely despite many visitors’ visits.

Hosted by the Korea Game Industry Association (K-GAMES) and co-hosted by the G-Star Organizing Committee and the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency, “G-Star 2022” was held in BEXCO, Busan for four days from November 17 to November 20.

The event, which put the safety of visitors first, ended without safety accidents inside the exhibition hall and in the passageways due to close inspection, safety management plans, thorough site management, and active cooperation with participants.

For the first time this year, as the B2C Hall was expanded to the third floor of the second exhibition hall as well as the first BEXCO Exhibition Hall, it welcomed visitors with more content and attractions while inducing dispersion to promote safety.

At the first exhibition hall, Wemade, who participated as a diamond (main) sponsor, introduced “Night Crow” and “Legend of Imir,” and introduced the Wemix ecosystem.

Nexon Korea has organized a demonstration space where you can experience four of a total of nine new works, including “Mabinogi Mobile,” “Dave the Diver,” and “First Distinguished,” and key developers of the game also worked hard to communicate with fans in the field.

In addition, each company’s new game added to the excitement in the field. Netmarble welcomed fans with various games such as the new “Alone Level Up: ARISE,” “Paragon Over Prime,” and “Arthdal Chronicles,” while Kakao Games provided an experience space to demonstrate games such as the new “Guardis Order,” “Ares: Rise of Guardians,” and “Distera,” and drew a big response by unveiling “Archie 2.” Krafton has set up a space for the world’s first demonstration of its new work, “Colisto Protocol,” and at the same time, it has attracted visitors’ attention by providing various events and experiences.

On the third floor of the second exhibition hall, Flint, who attracted investment from Hive led by Bang Si-hyuk, a hit maker in the music industry who raised BTS, unveiled “Be a Star 2”, “Neowiz of P’s False” was selected as the most anticipated work by Gamescom, and “HoYse” was featured.

According to the safety management plan, “G-Star 2022” focused on managing the number of people inside and outside the exhibition hall, and the detailed number of visitors by date was not counted, so it was estimated based on the size of indoor and outdoor people managed during the event. As a result, it is estimated that about 184,000 people visited the exhibition hall this year for four days at “G-Star 2022.”

The B2B Hall, located on the first floor of BEXCO’s second exhibition hall, was held offline and online for three days from November 17 to November 19. The B2B building, which has more than 2.5 times the size of the booth compared to the previous year, also registered 1,748 paid buyers on the first day, 405 on the second day, and 60 on the third day, up about 60% from the previous year to 2,213.

The G-CON, which was held in 44 sessions (4 keynotes, 40 general, and 4 tracks), renewed the maximum number of visitors based on the highest-level speaker lineup ever, recording a total of about 6,500 participants per session for two days.

Various side events were also held in line with the normalized exhibition program. On November 19, the “Game Job Concert,” a place for communication with future game players curious about the game company, was held, and the “G-Star Cup 2022 LOL Invitational” was held at the Busan e-Sports Stadium from November 19 to 20.

In addition, during G-Star, Wemade simultaneously operated an outdoor booth at Haeundae Event Square in Busan to greet fans outside BEXCO, and Nexon Korea’s Kickoff Festival was held at the BEXCO Auditorium.

Kang Shin-chul, chairman of the G-Star Organizing Committee, said, “We thank all related organizations for their help in establishing safety management plans and implementing them effectively, and we have been able to catch both successful hosting and securing safety.”

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