Gigi Hadid, why you’re hiding your relationship with DiCaprio…

Gigi Hadid, why you’re hiding your relationship with DiCaprio…

Gigi Hadid

It has been revealed why model Gigi Hadid hides his relationship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

According to local media ET on the 8th (local time), a source said, “Gigi Hadid, 27, wants to keep his dating life out of the public eye because of his ex-husband and daughter’s father, Jane Malik.”

“Gigi and Leonardo DiCaprio are very into each other, but Hadid is trying to hide the relationship. “We try to keep our dates as private as possible, and not show PDA (physical affection in public places) when we go out together,” he said.

The source said: “Gigi Hadid is trying to keep Jane Malik’s feelings in mind and doesn’t want to be rude to him because of his new relationship. Gigi and Jane Malik remain on good terms with each other to become the best parents. The two are doing their best to raise their daughter together, he added.

Meanwhile, Gigi is a world-class top model, dating One Direction singer Jane Malik since 2015 and giving birth to a daughter in 2020. However, Jane Malik was found to have assaulted Gigi Hadid’s mother last year, and the two later divorced. 먹튀사이트

Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly broke up with 25-year-old Camilla Morone in August and developed into a lover with Hadid during Fashion Week in September. Leonardo DiCaprio, who had only met women under the age of 25, was drawing keen attention when he met 27-year-old Hadid.

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