GM, evolutionary software, “Ultifi”……

GM, evolutionary software, “Ultifi”……


You can update the vehicle software with a single click, such as a smartphone, and select, store, and link functions that suit you with other devices through user-tailored settings.

When you leave the car with the sunroof open, the car automatically determines when it rains and closes the sunroof.

General Motors (GM) has announced its integrated software platform Ultifi.

GM headquarters is a cloud-based service that allows users to easily access and set up in-vehicle software wirelessly through linking smartphone applications or various device applications.

The functions of Ultifi are based on GM’s evolutionary electrical architecture, Vehicle Intelligence Platform (VIP). Existing VIP-enabled vehicles boast wireless functionality, abundant data access, strong cybersecurity and fast processing capabilities, and GM has further redefined key software on its existing foundation so that users can enjoy more diverse functions.

GM President Mark Royce said, “GM has built a solid platform based on decades of experience in vehicle software production,” adding, “Customers will have easier access to software services through Ulti-Fi, and will provide new features and apps to customers faster.”안전공원

Ultifi will be applied to GM’s next-generation internal combustion and electric vehicles, which will be released from 2023.

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