Golden State is interested in renewing Peyton contract

Golden State is interested in renewing Peyton contract


Golden State Warriors are focusing on maintaining their existing power.

According to Anthony Slater of The Athletic, Golden State is interested in renewing its contract with Young Glove’s Gary Payton II (guard, 191 cm, 88 kg).

No wonder Golden State wants to hold on to Payton. Peyton has made a significant contribution to strengthening defense in front of Golden State this season. Previously, he had been released and saddened every year through contracts on the 10th, but he stood out this season and completely melted into the team.

The key is that Golden State has limited contracts to offer. Golden State is hoping to renew their contracts with Kevon Rooney and Payton this time. However, it is not surprising that spending is already almost astronomical. Considering that it has easily crossed the luxury tax line, spending on maintaining the team, including the luxury tax, should be considered a huge amount next season.

Peyton is also expected to show affection as he finally settled in Golden State. However, if there is a team that shows defensive reinforcement, it is expected to win a much larger contract when transferring. Sure enough, Dallas Mavericks are showing interest. No wonder Dallas is interested in Payton, as much as they want back-court defenders.

Dallas is highly likely to have Jailon Brunson transferred this offseason. If Brunson, who has offensive power, moves, he can bring Payton to reinforce his defense and minimize power leaks. In addition, even if it presupposes catching Brunson, if Payton is transfused, it is expected to try to recruit him as he can maintain the attack and fill the first-line defense.

It is not easy to predict the size of the contract in detail, but Golden State is expected to be able to offer around $2 million a year. On the other hand, Dallas has enough salary caps compared to Golden State, so it can propose greater conditions than Golden State. If Peyton moves on, Golden State will fail to maintain its back court power.

Peyton played 71 games last season. Having difficulty advancing to the NBA in the 2016-2017 season, he has never played more than 30 games before. He also had less time to play. Last season, however, he scored 7.1 points (616.358.603) 3.5 rebounds and 1.4 steals per game. After entering the big leagues, he had the best season of his life and finally raised his value.안전놀이터

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