Griezmann. At the request of ATM fans, haircuts and shaving.

Griezmann. At the request of ATM fans, haircuts and shaving.


Antoine Griezmann vowed a new start in Atletico Madrid, where he returned with a clean haircut and shaving.

Spanish media “Marca” said on the 8th (local time), “Griezmann headed to Metropolitano for a traditional Atletico photo shoot. “Before that, I went to the hairdresser and decorated it neatly,” he said.

Griezmann left Atletico in 2019 with a transfer fee of 120 million euros and wore a Barcelona uniform. To play with Lionel Messi, Griezmann chose to break up with Atletico, which is not very good.

However, when I opened the lid, I was disappointed. He was criticized for his performance that did not match the astronomical transfer fee and was completely hated when it was revealed that he made racist remarks toward Asians in the past. Eventually, he returned to Atletico as if being chased.

Naturally, Atletico fans’ reactions were not warm. Some fans wanted Griezmann to apologize to Atletico and asked him to cut his long hair and beard, which he had been sticking to since Barcelona. Naturally, Griezmann immediately put the fans’ requests into action. It was meant to be an apology.

According to a report by “Marca,” Griezmann, who appeared in Metropolitano, has completely changed. He returned with a warm look before moving to Barcelona. It seemed to be an action to reflect on his choice and return the hearts of fans.

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