Hader’s unsuccessful lock-in colleagues enveloped him

Hader’s unsuccessful lock-in colleagues enveloped him


San Diego Padres closer Josh Hader failed to lock up, but colleagues still haven’t gained faith in him.

San Diego lost 1-2 to the Miami Marlins at Rondipo Park in Miami, Florida on the 1st (Korea Standard Time).

The victory was lost in hand-held. It led 1-0 until the top of the ninth, but closer Josh Hader allowed a run and gave up the game

Hader, who took the mound five days after the away game against the New York Yankees on May 27, was definitely dull. He walked out the first batter, Yuli Guriel, and allowed a left-handed hit after going to the full count against Jin Segura at second base with one out. After that, Nick Porte gave up the game with a right-handed hit. It was the third blon save of the season and the first loss.

Hader, who met reporters after the game, said, “I couldn’t throw it as planned. He was driven to an unfavorable count and walked the first batter. “If you throw it like this, it’s hard to succeed,” he said, blaming himself.

Everyone around him covered him. “I think he’s the best closer,” said starter Blake Snell. “I just wasn’t lucky today,” he said, comforting Heather.

Third baseman Kim Ha-sung also said, “Header is also a person. “I can’t throw well every day,” he said, adding, “It was just a day of bad luck.”

Coach Bob Melvin also expressed confidence in the finish, saying, “When the team takes the lead in the ninth inning, I think I can have a good feeling and win if Hader comes out.” We have to acknowledge the opponent’s batting line. “It doesn’t happen very often today,” he said, praising his opponents who succeeded in attacking Hader.

Hader became a losing pitcher, but there is a more fundamental reason why San Diego lost the game. He failed to properly target opposing starter Braxton Garrett (51/3 innings, 2 hits, 1 home run, 1 walk, 7 strikeouts, 1 run).

Melvin said, “We used the change-up more than expected. It was enough to save the power of the cutter. The slider was pretty good, too. It was difficult to identify the pitch type. There weren’t many good at-bats in our offense. “There were many bad swings,” he said, acknowledging the opposing pitcher.

The comfort for San Diego is that Sanchez hit a home run and showed the team the power it needed, and starter Blake Snell pitched six innings, three hits, three walks, seven strikeouts, and no runs.

Snell, who took fastballs and change-up-oriented pitches, said, “I focused on the ball that worked well. “Other balls got better and better,” he said of his pitching 메이저 토토사이트

Working with Sanchez, who faced off as an opponent in the past, he said, “It wasn’t a problem at all. We enjoyed ourselves in concert. Maybe it’s because you’ve been dealing with me for a long time, but you all know what to sign. “It was really comfortable,” he said, adding that he had no problem breathing with the new catcher

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