Han Hyejin’s appetite exploded Shocked by weight gain

Han Hyejin’s appetite exploded Shocked by weight gain I’ve never seen such a number

Han Hyejin's

Model and broadcaster Han Hye-jin was shocked by her weight.

On the 11th, Han Hye-jin’s official YouTube channel released a video titled “Han Hye-jin’s One Day Detox Diet (Please watch it when you don’t want to go to the gym).”

In the video, Han Hye-jin measured her in-body and said, “It’s been almost a month.” “I’m in trouble,” he said nervously. As he gained weight, he said, “I’m angry. You have to take off your gown. He said, “I’m doomed,” and told his PT teacher, “I weigh too much.”

Han Hye-jin, who received the in-body result, said, “I can’t shoot anymore. He showed the swelling level, saying, “The body is swollen,” and a noticeably elevated graph was seen. In response, Han Hye-jin was surprised, saying, “I think I’ve never seen such a number.”

Han Hye-jin then headed to the gym, and said, “I want to dip it in cold draft beer and fried squid mayonnaise. Or I want to pack a lunch box and go to the Han River for a picnic. “I don’t know why I have such an appetite,” he said.

Han Hye-jin, who finished exercising for more than an hour, took a lower-body bath, and said, “You have to take a lower-body bath after exercising to get rid of waste. “I’m going to have time to reflect on myself (while taking a lower-body bath) because I haven’t eaten and exercised in the meantime,” he said. But he immediately delivered the old whole chicken and draft beer, making people laugh

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