Han Ji-eun was selected as the main character of Only

Han Ji-eun was selected as the main character of Only God Know Everything

Han Ji-eun

Actress Han Ji-eun will continue her hard work by confirming her appearance in “Only Got Know Everything.”

In an official press release on the 9th, the agency SecretENT said, “Actor Han Ji-eun will appear in the movie ‘Only Got Know Everything.’ “We are expected to show various aspects and more mature acting that we have not shown in the previous work, so please look forward to Han Ji-eun’s performance in the new work,” he said.

The mystery thriller “Only Got Know Everything” is a mystery thriller in which a newly ordained priest (Shin Seung-ho) is exposed to a huge secret hidden by a shocking confession about the death of his missing mother 13 years ago and falls into a dilemma between believers and natural people.

It is already drawing attention with interesting stories that delve into a dilemma between believers and naturalists, casting lineups such as Shin Seung-ho, Park Myung-hoon and Jeon So-min, and news that Baek Seung-hwan of “Double Patty” and “Big Mom’s Crazy Bongo” have caught the megaphone.

Among them, Han Ji-eun will play the heroine “Joo-young” in the play and show her acting transformation. Joo-young is a violent detective who delves into a mysterious disappearance case. Han Ji-eun is expected to work closely with Shin Seung-ho, who plays the role of Dowoon, breaking up as “Joo-young,” signaling an active performance that will add immersion to the play, raising expectations for the synergy between the two.

Earlier, Han Ji-eun has established herself as a “trustworthy actor” by captivating viewers with her solid acting skills, delicate character portrayals, and impactful presence through leading works such as tvN’s “100 Days My Prince,” JTBC’s “Melo Is My Nature,” MBC’s “Kkondae Intern,” tvN’s “Bad and the original “Ant is Riding.” Han Ji-eun’s amazing character ability, which fully brings out the personality of the main character in each work with her lively acting and expression, swept the eyes of viewers and created various famous scenes and was plastered on various SNS.

In addition, it is drawing more attention as a busy acting move that continues without a break by reporting the news of his appearance in the drama “Ask the Stars” set in the space station and the first attempted space station in Korea.

Han Ji-eun, who is definitely considered the most anticipated actor in every movie, is receiving a lot. While he predicted his acting transformation in “Only Got Know Everything,” questions are being added about what kind of passionate performance he will perform in his new work.

Meanwhile, “Only Got Know Everything” is currently being filmed.

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