Hansan Park Hae-il meets with Kim Han-min for the third time.

Hansan Park Hae-il meets with Kim Han-min for the third time.box office myth to rewrite


Park Hae-il will meet director Kim Han-min for the third time with “Hansan: The Appearance of a Dragon.”

“Hansan: The Appearance of a Dragon” (director Kim Han-min), which will be released on July 27, depicts the Battle of Hansan Sea between Admiral Yi Sun-shin and the Joseon Navy, which united with desperate strategies and spirit to protect Joseon against the advancing Japanese army five years before the Battle of Myeongnyang.

Park Hae-il and director Kim Han-min once again predicted that they would continue their box office myth with their third meeting with the war action masterpiece “Hansan: The Appearance of a Dragon” following the mystery play “The Murder of Geungnakdo Island” (2007) and historical drama “Final Weapon” (2011). After the success of the “Guknakdo Murder Case,” the two reunited four years later, showed a record of 7.47 million viewers with Park Hae-il’s passionate performance and speedy bow action, as well as well as director Kim Han-min’s speedy performance.

In “Hansan: The Appearance of a Dragon,” Park Hae-il will play the role of a wise leader as “Lee Soon-shin,” a general who protects the sea of Joseon, and director Kim Han-min put effort into directing Hak Ik-jin and designing and working on turtle ships. Along with Park Hae-il’s performance of Admiral Yi Sun-shin, director of “Myeongnyang” Kim Han-min will continue their success story by capturing the theater this summer with his belief and unrivaled directing skills. 안전놀이터

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