Heo Yoon-ah let’s sit face to face at the table…”Don’t eat..

Heo Yoon-ah let’s sit face to face at the table…”Don’t eat.” Hate husband, why?

Heo Yoon-ah

Singer Heo Yoon-ah (39) reveals why she often fights with her husband over clothes.

Heo Yoon-ah and her husband from girl group LPG will appear in the Channel S entertainment show “Advanced Sisters,” which will air on the 17th.

Heo Yoon-ah’s husband met MC Park Mi-sun, Jang Young-ran, and Kim Ho-young and said, “If my wife stays at home, she becomes a natural person,” adding, “I always take off my clothes.”

When Park Mi-sun asked, “Like Eve?” Heo Yoon-ah said, “No. “I’m Tarzan style,” he replied with a smile.

Heo Yoon-ah then said, “I thought I would live naked after marriage, but my husband was dressed up,” adding, “So I endured the inconvenience for six months and dressed up, and I even had a headache.” I had no choice but to take off my clothes and become a natural person,” he explained.

Heo Yoon-ah said, “I ate like Tarzan when I ate, and my husband really hated it.” In response, Heo Yoon-ah’s husband said, “I was about to eat, but (my wife) took off her top…My appetite disappeared,” he said.

However, Yoon-ah said she didn’t understand her husband and said, “Isn’t it men’s dream to take off their clothes at home?” and her husband was sincerely angry, saying, “What are you talking about?”

In the end, Yoon-ah and his wife calmed down only after Jang Young-ran mediated, saying, “You shouldn’t fight with me on the broadcast here.” Park Mi-sun also said, “I’m sorry, but I think we should wrap up here. It is not easy to properly solve marital counseling, he added.

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