How to take care of Dream Lens

How to take care of Dream Lens

Dream Lens

I was taking care of Dream Lens and broke it when it was too expensive, so please come If you drop it, it can break, especially in cold environments. It’s frozen and sometimes breaks when you drop it. It’s good to take care of it in water. It’s good to take care of it. It’s not that hard to take care of it And usually, my mom and dad will make it for me. My mom and dad can be nice to me even though it’s annoying

The side effect of Dream Lens is that bacteria enter the wound due to corneal wounds and become inflamed in the world, but if corneal wounds occur, your eyes turn red Most wounds get better on their own, but they get better in half a day. If the wound gets worse in half a day, it’s inflammation So if the event turns red for more than half a day, you have to come to the hospital When I was young, I wore contact lenses and I heard it goes backwards. I was scared

I’m worried that the lens might fall over, but fortunately, it’s called conjunctiva, so the bottom part is blocked because it’s inside the eyelid If you look at the inside of the eye, you might see happiness in taking care of it, but there’s no re- “I think he went overboard. I think he went overboard.” When I go to that house, it’s stuck inside If you tell a first grader to turn off the stove, of course you can’t

Then who would put it in Your parents have to put it in It’s not easy to wear it for the first year of elementary school, but you’re better than I thought. Do you know why I was scared of contact lenses, and I woke up believing in my mom, and when I opened my eyes in the morning, I saw it so clearly. It was so fascinating that I wanted my parents to put them in, and the children cooperated better than I thought

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