Hwang Hee-chan colleague Hu Beng Neves transfer rumor?

Hwang Hee-chan colleague Hu Beng Neves transfer rumor? Love call from Newcastle this time?

Hu Beng Neves

Rumors of a transfer of midfielder Hooven Neves (25) of the English professional football Wolverhampton Wanderers have emerged again. He has been receiving attention from big clubs since last year, and this time he is the target of Newcastle United (England).

British media Daily Mail said on the 14th, “Neves is drawing attention as he is on Newcastle United’s recruitment list. However, there is no specific negotiation or discussion on the transfer yet, he said.

This is not the first time Hooven Neves has received a “love call.” From two years ago until recently, he had been steadily offered a transfer as he was caught on the radar of big clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea (England), and Barcelona (Spain). However, whenever that happened, Wolverhampton Wanderers classified it as a key player and declared it “not for sale (NFS).”

Nevertheless, interest in Neves continued. This is because he performed well in every game and drew attention by improving his skills day by day. Meanwhile, thanks to Saudi Arabia’s huge capital, it is also connected to Newcastle United, which is making a splash in the English Premier League (EPL) this season.

Previously, Hooven Neves was unlikely to leave because Wolverhampton Wanderers blocked the transfer, but things have changed now. This is because the possibility of leaving has increased in less than two years before the contract period. According to actual reports, his contract expires on June 30 next year, and he is not yet willing to renew his contract. He also interpreted this as meaning that he is considering a transfer.

Hu Beng Neves is good at leading the build-up based on accurate kicks from the back, and is also good at protecting the defensive line with his vigorous activity and stable defense. Often, he often makes attack points well with sharp crosses or shots every set piece. In fact, he moved to Wolverhampton Wanderers in the summer of 2017 and has scored 28 goals and 12 assists in 220 games so far. Hwang Hee-chan (26), who joined in 2021, played 43 games (2,086 minutes) together.

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