HyunA solo comeback in a year and a half.

HyunA solo comeback in a year and a half. “Navillera” will be released


Singer HyunA will make a solo comeback after a year and a half.

Hyun-ah will release her eighth mini-album “Nabilera” through various online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 20th.

“Navillera” is an album about Hyun-ah’s colorful wings that she wants to resemble a butterfly. Just as butterflies catch the eye with different patterns and lights and leave traces just by brushing them, Hyun-ah also expressed her desire to have traces in someone’s memory for a long time with the overwhelming visuals and performances of “Nabilera.”

The title song “Navillera” is a Latin-style dance song that adds excitement to a cheerful and minimal beat. Hyun-ah, PSY, and Dawn co-wrote the lyrics, melting their unique bold and confident charm.

It is expected that the rhythmic chorus of “Navillera” and the performance reminiscent of a butterfly will leave a strong impression on music fans.

In addition, five tracks include high-teen rock “Bad Dog (Bad Dog)” with cool messages to their ex-lover, “Picaso & Fernande Olivier” (Picaso & Fernande Olivier), which evokes curiosity with witty lyrics, and “Dinga” with a soft voice.

Hyun-ah directly participated in writing, composing, and producing, filling “Nabilera” with her unique color. Hyun-ah’s aura, which coexists with elegance and power, is expected to shine in the music industry this summer.

Meanwhile, at 7 p.m. on the day of the release of “Nabilera,” Hyun-ah will hold a comeback show on her official YouTube channel and unveil the first stage of her new song. 토토추천

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