“I heard it’s similar to SON”. Terrier player?

“I heard it’s similar to SON”. Terrier player? Tottenham’s target for offense


Tottenham Hotspur seems to be recruiting strikers who are likened to Son Heung-min.

British media ‘The Bootroom’ said on the 30th, “Tottenham aims to recruit striker Martin Terrier, who is likened to Son Heung-min.” Coach Antonio Conte and Fabio Paratic are interested in each other, he said.

“The terrier is versatile in addition to scoring. It can handle left and right sides and front lines. Both feet are available. “Fans have compared it to Son Heung-min and Robin van Persie through SNS in the past,” he added.

Terrier is a French striker who scored 21 goals and 7 assists for Ren last season, ranking third in scoring.

Terrier’s performance is still valid this season. French legend Terrierss Henry praised him for scoring 11 goals and 5 assists.

Ren is well aware of his interest in Martin  and has reportedly set aside (31 million (about 47.2 billion) in transfer fees.

As for  Terrier, it is reported that Manchester United is also detecting an atmosphere to move to recruit him. 안전놀이터

Attention is focusing on how Martin Terrier will affect Son Heung-min. Will it give Son Heung-min a sense of rivalry? Makes me curious. Rather, I don’t know if it will stimulate Son Heung-min more about this player. With this opportunity, Son Heung-min is going to compete
I am looking forward to seeing better soccer.I wonder what Tottenham fans think.

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