I think it’s a hot potato I think it’s a hot potato

I think it’s a hot potato I think it’s a hot potato


The debate continued again.The discussion of ID Jang Won-young’s Reboot performance with Lee Won-young.

The idol member Jang Won-young and Lee Eun-young, appeared on the 31st of last month, which aired on the 31st of last month.The controversy was disclosed, controversy over the controversy.

netizens said, “If you want to do it on the 3rd, “If you want to sing it at the end of the performance ceremony, “If you want to sit on the stage without the choreography.”

Then, “Even before five months ago, the people released the same song, the same song.”I didn’t even record, but I don’t think it’s wrong.If you’re going to put a model, it wasn’t a child, but it’s not a child.

The article and subject was followed by public opinion and considering hundreds of comments, hundreds of comments and agreements.

Some netizens criticized that it was inappropriate to introduce the performance ceremony, not a violent dance stage, but it was inappropriate.

Another netizens said, “We should not be interested to be interested if you don’t care if you don’t interested, “If you don’t care about it.”

Also, “I will be too disappointed and Korean children’s actions will be too disappointed, unlike Japan, unlike Japan, unlike Japan Japan, unlike Japan.

Another netizens said, ” Some idol fans who are good at singing and dance, “If some idol fans have excellent skills and dance, and dance skills are good at the same time.”

There were many opinions that Jang Won-young and Lee Seo-young and Lee.Recently, many idol performances are underway as many idol performances are being related to the conditions on the day of the number of idol performance.There were opinions that children should comprehensively evaluate concepts, performance, performance performance, performance performance, performance performance, and fans.

Reunk debate is the topic that is currently not disconnected.Whenever some idol groups come out, a half of the idol who pointed out, which is pointed out this time.

In the past, there was no high attention to Link.At that time, Lee Myung-soo, lawmaker Lee Myung-soo also proposed a bill that law prohibits Lee Myung-soo.At that time, Lee Myung-soo said, “The audience looking forward to live perform a performance hall, saying, “It is a fraud act of fraud.”

At that time, criticism about Lee Dong-ink, but the legal punishment for this is not passed, but the Bill was not passed.

Singer Bae Chul-soo said, “In the case of our country, “In the case of our country, it is too serious to ban the rest of our lives during the live.”They said, “I need to call it.”

Currently, the controversy over the world, including dance, performances, including dance, performances, including dance, dance, and their performances surrounding the global market seems to be recognized than the global market.

However, Sungoto’s performance for some fans who are disappointed on the stage of idol who cheered for the stage that he cheering is not finished

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