I want to try Shin Hye-sun’s villain role like a bomb head

I want to try Shin Hye-sun’s villain role like a bomb head

Shin Hye-sun's

Shin Hye-sun mentioned the character she wanted to challenge.

On the 1st, Magazine First Look released a pictorial with actress Shin Hye-sun.

This pictorial sensibly and chicly captures Shin Hye-sun’s various charms, including her fresh and bright smile and proud eyes.

In particular, Shin Hye-sun showed off her aspect as a pictorial master by perfectly performing stylish costumes such as unbalanced hairstyles and tube-top dresses that reveal shoulder lines and jewelry styling that fits the mood.

In an interview that followed after the photoshoot, when asked that he had debuted for 10 years this year but showed various characters in various genres while working, he said, “I tend to choose the one I like. Sometimes I regret the consequences of my choice, but I don’t know. “There are times when I simply want to pull it,” he said. “When I collect the characters I chose like that, there are quite a variety of characters and there are variations in their personalities.” Next time, I want to play an unconventional role. It’s good to play a vicious villain or turn it upside down in style. For example, I think a bright red hair or bomb hair would be fun,” he confessed.

Meanwhile, Shin Hye-sun is planning to make a comeback to the small screen with tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Please Take Care of This Life.” “Please Take Care of Me in This Life” is a reckless reincarnation romance that takes place while visiting “Seo Moon-ha,” where the 19th “Ring Ring” in his life remembers his past life

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