If you add “this” instead of “milk” in your latte, it’ll digest well…

If you add “this” instead of “milk” in your latte, it’ll digest well and reduce calories

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There was a time when a request to remove milk from a cafe latte was considered a “strange order.” Latte is usually made by mixing espresso shots with milk, so I couldn’t even imagine a latte without milk. However, “Latte Without Milk” has recently been released one after another, led by famous franchise cafes. It replaces milk with “vegetable drinks” made of ▲ almonds, ▲ coconuts, ▲ oats, etc. At cafes such as “Paul Basset,” “Starbucks,” and “Two Some Place,” you can taste menus that add “oat milk” instead of milk to drinks. What’s better about eating ‘vegetable milk’ instead of animal milk?

It’s lower in calories than vegetable and animal milk and it digests well
Vegetable milk is a good option for those who cannot drink milk due to ▲ milk allergy ▲ lactose intolerance ▲ hypercholesterolemia. People who are rich in minerals such as vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium and cannot digest lactose because they do not contain lactose do not have to worry about vomiting or diarrhea. Thanks to the low calories, people who are controlling their weight can drink without any burden. One pack of milk (200ml) is 130 kcal, while one pack of almond milk (190ml) is 45 kcal, one pack of oat milk (190ml) is 75 kcal, and one pack of coconut milk (190ml) is 85 kcal, which is relatively low in calories.

It contains less calcium and protein than animal milk
However, vegetable milk has less calcium and protein than milk. A pack of milk (200ml) contained 200mg of calcium. This is about 30% of the recommended daily calcium intake (700 mg). However, calcium in coconut milk is about 4% of the recommended daily intake. Almond and oat milk usually contain less calcium than milk due to the nature of the ingredients. As calcium is an essential nutrient for making bones and teeth, growing children are better off drinking regular milk than vegetable milk. A pack of milk contained 6g of protein, but a pack of almond milk contained 1g and a pack of oat milk contained 2g. Coconut milk doesn’t contain any.

After drinking oat milk, I feel bloated in my stomach
If you have a sensitive bowel, you should be careful when drinking oat milk. This is because it is rich in fiber, so you can have a stomachache after drinking it. This is because hydrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide are generated when fibers are decomposed. Severely, you may experience abdominal bloating or pain. If it is before exercising, you should refrain from eating because it can be more burdensome for your stomach.

It is good to supplement calcium and protein that are lacking in vegetable milk with other foods. Calcium is abundant in spinach, pineapples, blue-backed fish, beans, tofu, kelp, anchovies, and dried shrimp. Protein is abundant in eggs, tofu, chicken breasts, soybeans, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and salmon.

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