“Ignoring Pogba, Ronaldo only thinks about goals”. Blint’s determination.

“Ignoring Pogba, Ronaldo only thinks about goals”. Blint’s determination.


Dutch legend criticized Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo (36).

Britain’s Daily Mail said on the 4th, “Danny Blint (60), a defender from the Dutch national team, evaluated Ronaldo’s recruitment. “I mentioned the negative impact on other players,” he reported.

Ronaldo returned to Manchester United after 12 years. So far, he has scored five goals in six games, but Manchester United has struggled with just one win in the last four games.

Blint had an interview with Sportnieuws in the Netherlands, which was cited by the Daily Mail. He pointed out Ronaldo’s movement and complacent attitude.

Blint said, “What will the other players do?” You can see Ronaldo staring at him, he said. “Usually, the striker runs between the central defender and another central defender.” Now they don’t play in a familiar pattern. There is a communication problem, he said.

“When the ball owned by the opponent missed, I saw Paul Pogba instructing him to ‘press with all his might.’ But Ronaldo didn’t do that. Ronaldo is not of that type. He pointed out laziness, saying, “I just want someone else to take the ball away from me, thinking only about the goal.”

According to the Daily Mail, most of them are active, but Ronaldo enjoys luxury. Edinson Cavani puts pressure on the opposing defense and fights to steal the ball. It is an example of a great striker who scores goals and makes them. However, Blint was concerned that Ronaldo might have to adapt to him in a different style from Uruguay.

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