“I’ll be friends with a 20-year-old.” Lee Min-jung

“I’ll be friends with a 20-year-old.” Lee Min-jung, while you showed off your mask,

Lee Min-jung
Lee Min-jung boasted of her youthful beauty, saying, “I am still 39 years old.”

On July 27, Lee Min-jung released several selfies on her Instagram, along with the message “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a picture without a mask.”

When a fan commented, “Are you really in your 40s?” Lee Min-jung replied, “I’m still 39 years old in international age,” drawing laughter.

Another fan asked Lee Min-jung, “Are you really 40 years old? I’d believe it if I were a high school student.”

Lee Min-jung made absurd remarks, saying, “Even if I have a high school daughter, I might believe it.”

“Unnie, are you 20 years old? Are you the same age as me? “Minjeong,” said Lee Minjeong.

“No, my friend,” he said, attracting attention with his witty response.

Meanwhile, Lee Min-jung married actor Lee Byung-hun in 2013 and has one son.

He also appeared in the movie “Christmas Present” and is set to return to the screen.

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