I’m finally listening to D.O “If It Was Me.”Yang Se-chan, “I’ve never

I’m finally listening to D.O “If It Was Me.”Yang Se-chan, “I’ve never heard of it. It’s shocking.” Touched


The karaoke live match between “EXO” D.O., Zico, Crush, and “Jannabi” Choi Jung-hoon, which has never been seen anywhere, will be unveiled.

In SBS’s “School Trip Without Mathematics” (hereinafter referred to as “Susuhaeng”), which airs on the 30th, the “92s” members, who were ruined and reborn as entertainers throughout the trip, will return to their main jobs to show off their “musicians.”

The live full versions of D.O.’s “If It Was Me” and Choi Jung-hoon’s “In the Rain,” which previously drew attention with pre-released videos, will finally be released. D.O.’s emotional live, reminiscent of his first love, as well as live master “Jannabi” Choi Jung-hoon’s tight ear-pleasing live, raises expectations for the broadcast to the fullest. In addition, it is rumored that Lee Yong-jin, Yang Se-chan, as well as the production team fell in love with the live stage of the four representative musicians of Korea, “92s.”

Lee Yong-jin and Yang Se-chan, who usually enjoy listening to “92s,” forgot to score and were immersed in the members’ songs. In particular, as soon as D.O.’s song was over, Yang Se-chan said, “It’s my first time hearing D.O’s song (live). “I’m touched. I’m shocked,” he said, drawing laughter by wearing a ‘melo eyeball’.

Meanwhile, Zico, who played as the official “honorary student” of Soo Soo-haeng, also returned to his main job and turned the karaoke room into a concert hall in an instant, drawing attention. As soon as the song began, Zico heated up the scene by standing up the members with free-spirited performances and live performances like a stage master.

As soon as Zico’s hot stage was over, Crush was surprised, saying, “(Zico) sang this song harder here than when he sang it at my performance.” Expectations are high on what Zico’s karaoke live stage would have been like.

The karaoke contest between the six members, reminiscent of a concert hall, will be unveiled on SBS’s “School Trip Without Mathematics,” which will air at 9 p.m. on Thursday, the 30th

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