I’m happy to be on the defensive

I’m happy to be on the defensive


Five months have passed since Antonio Conte (54, Italy) left, but Tottenham players remain dissatisfied with his tactics. This time, Dejan Kuluchepski (23, Tottenham) was delighted, saying he didn’t have to be a “wingback.”

Tottenham, which showed frustrating performance under Conte last season, is completely changing under Engie Postecoglou (57, Australia). The performance has changed 180 degrees due to organic movements and pressure that have not been found before.

In particular, the side strikers, who suffered damage due to defensive coach Conte’s tactics, brightened their faces. You can see several scenes of Son Heung-min (31) and Kuluchepski waiting in a high area to counterattack without falling deep like side defenders when defending.

“Football should be fun,” said Kuluchepski, who was interviewed by Irish media “Irish News” after the match against Manchester United. So we started playing soccer, and we were able to get good results. “If you’ve had fun, you should start developing now,” he said. “If you always have fun and continue to develop, we’ll be better.”

Kuluchepski scored two goals and seven assists in 30 Premier League games last season. It was in contrast to his performance of 5 goals and 8 assists in 18 games in the 2021-22 season. Kuluchepski was significantly affected by Conte’s choice of operation, and the attack points were reduced.

When asked about the changes from last season, Kuluchepski said, “I move a little more aggressively. I don’t have to be a wingback when defending, so I’m enjoying it. I learn a lot every day. “I’m still young, so it’s good to listen to new things and improve every day.” He indirectly criticized Conte’s tactics while talking about changes 안전한놀이터

Unlike Conte, Tottenham players’ performance is reviving under the system of Postecoglou, which prefers aggressive management. Most Tottenham players, including Son Heung-min and Kuluchepski, are actively looking forward to the new season

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