In Kyo-jin and So Yi-hyun must have had a crush since they..

In Kyo-jin and So Yi-hyun must have had a crush since they were 20 years old…A successful marriage thanks to nostalgia.

It is known that In Kyo-jin developed his mind alone even before marrying his wife So Yi-hyun.

In Kyo-jin

In Kyojin and So Yi-hyun uploaded a video recommending their favorite perfume on the couple’s YouTube channel on January 31. The couple each chose four perfumes and explained them.

When In Kyo-jin asked, “Do you remember what I gave you first?” So Yi-hyun replied, “Perfume.” In Kyo-jin gave So Yi-hyun a perfume she bought in Myeong-dong for her birthday.

So Yi-hyun remembered, “I think I just gave him a perfume as a birthday gift for the year he turned 20,” and asked In Kyjin, “I guess you liked me a lot?”

When In Kyojin answered with a smile, So Yi-hyun told the male staff, “Do you have a heart for your first gift to your close sister?” Don’t you have one?”

The staff sided with So Yi-hyun by answering, “Perfume is a gift that you never do without a heart.”

Instead of answering her long-time crush on So Yi-hyun, In Kyojin replied, “It is so important that scent is also for men.”

Later, before introducing her favorite perfume, So Yi-hyun mentioned the product name of the first gift she received from In Kyojin as her favorite perfume. In Kyo-jin was pleased and comforted So Yi-hyun, saying, “He is good at entertainment.”

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