In Spain monkeys are born in 2000 and are still racist in 1997

In Spain monkeys are born in 2000 and are still racist in 1997


Vinicius Junior (23, Real Madrid) points out that racism in Spain’s La Liga is not a problem for some spectators.

Vinicius was racist by the crowd during the away match of Valencia in the 35th round of the 2022-2023 Spanish La Liga in Estadio de Mestalla, Valencia, Spain, on the 22nd (Korea Standard Time).

Aside from Real Madrid’s 0-1 defeat, the Valencia crowd, who had openly shouted “monkey” at Vinicius even before the match, did not stop making racist taunts during the match

In the end, Vinicius exploded during the game. Vinicius fought a war of words with the Valencia crowd during the game and also clashed with the Valencia players and was eventually sent off. Vinicius also appealed to the referee for racist acts, pointing to a certain audience.

Vinicius said on his social media after the match, “It’s not the first time, it’s not the second time, it’s not the third time. Racism is a normal practice in La Liga. The competitors think it’s normal, and so does the federation,” he said, expressing his resentment of holding back

“This league, once played by Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, is now only for racists,” he said, pointing out that the entire Spanish La Liga is actually a hotbed of racism.

In particular, Vinicius said, “I’m sorry for the Spanish, but in Brazil today, Spain is known as a country of racists. Unfortunately I have no way of defending myself against this happening every week. But I’m strong and I’ll fight against racists,” he said

However, La Liga Chairman Javier Tebas’s statement further sparked controversy. “We’ve tried to explain to you what racism is like and what La Liga can do,” Tebas said. But you did not attend the two dates you asked for yourself,” rather it became more controversial by posting a message denouncing Vinicius.

“Before criticizing and insulting Lariga, you should know for yourself. Don’t manipulate yourself and fully understand each other’s abilities and what we’ve been doing together,” he said, busily blaming his victim Vinicius

The same goes for the Valencia club. Valencia spokesman Javier Solis said: “Valencia cannot tolerate anyone who says our fans are racist. “We strongly reject Ancelotti’s remarks,” he said, not hiding his discomfort in his remarks.

Earlier, Real coach Carlo Ancelotti said, “Lariga has a problem. Not one person, but the whole thing is crazy.”I’ve never seen racism in which the entire stadium shouts ‘monkey’,” it was only the act of some spectators for criticizing Valencia fans, which meant not to criticize Valencia fans.

In response, Vinicius directly shared the evidence video on his social media the next day. In the video, Atletico Madrid fans sang “Vinicius is a monkey” in September last year, and Valladolid fans shouted “Dumbs up” and made monkey noises in December that year.

In February this year, Mallorca fans mocked Vinicius by saying, “Eat a banana,” and Barcelona fans cursed him in March, saying, “Vinicius is dead.” An eerie figure of Vinicius hanging from a bridge in Madrid was also spotted

In Vinicius’ video, not only Valencia but also Spain could be said to be a racist country. This is what you can guess from the video of coach Javier Aguirre Mallorca, who casually jokes at Lee Kang-in, calling him “Chinese.” The fact that Lee Kang-in’s home club is Valencia makes you feel how hard Lee Kang-in has been living.

Chairman Tebas once again said, “Neither Spain nor La Liga are racist. It is not fair to say so. La Liga reports and tracks racism in the strongest way it can within its remit,” he countered

He also said, “More than 200 black players from 42 teams are welcomed with respect and love from fans every week. The reputation of La Liga, a symbol of community integration, cannot be allowed to be tainted. Racism cases are extremely rare and we are all committed to eliminating them,” he said, not hiding his discomfort.

Vinicius brought and released a 1997 video on social media on the 24th. It was a scene in which Brazilian senior and real legend Roberto Carlos was racist in Barcelona and El Clasico. The words “monkey” are seen in the stands, and racist slogans are also coming out.

Racism existed at the Spanish stadium before I was born, he said. “What has changed so far?” Vinicius was born in 2000. Currently, this video has been discontinued due to copyright violations

First of all, the Spanish Football Association (RFEF) said on its official channel, including its website, “The game committee orders the partial closure of the Mestalla Stadium and, more specifically, the Mario Kempes South Stand for five games.” “We will impose a fine of 45,000 euros (about 64 million won) on the Valencia club,” he announced and started to deal with the situation 토토

Spanish police also announced that they had arrested seven men in connection with a separate racist incident targeting Vinicius. Police said the three men were “a radical fan group of the Madrid group,” which had previously been included in the “high-risk group.”

However, given the remarks of the La Liga president and the Valencia club, it is highly likely that the perception of racism will not change easily. In the future, clubs and officials, as well as players playing in Spain, are more likely to react sensitively to racism

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