Including actor Kim Youn-gho?Espero x Kim Ho-joong’s..

Including actor Kim Young-ho?Espero x Kim Ho-joong’s “Endless” cover craze is not unusual.

The cover craze for “Endless” with crossover groups Espero and Kim Ho-joong is blowing.

Recently, actor Kim Young-ho, music powerhouse singers Yumi, Lee Woo, and Seoul have released cover videos of Espero and Kim Ho-joong on various SNS, drawing attention from Internet users.

 actor Kim Young-ho

First of all, actor Kim Young-ho and singer Yumi, who released the 20th anniversary album “Love …, Died” last year, deeply moved viewers by singing “Endless” with a strong and appealing voice. Singers Lee Woo and Seoul were also responsible for the ears of music fans, boasting their unique tone.

Earlier, various singers, including Kwon In-ha, the main characters of “Cheondong Tiger,” and singers Linu and Kim Yong-jin, participated in Espero and Kim Ho-joong’s cover of “Endless,” drawing much attention online.

Espero, where Kim Ho-joong applied for the special support, debuted with the title song “Endless” at the end of last year. Five days after the album’s release, it was the first Melon TOP100 chart in the crossover group and ranked 64th as of 8 a.m. on the 15th, showing off its music power even though it was the first month of the album’s release.

Amid enthusiastic reactions from fans, Espero will hold a special show of “Espero Winter Romance Concert with Kim Ho-jung” at Naver NOW. (18th) and will continue to hold Naver Vibe Party Room to communicate with fans.

Meanwhile, Espero x Kim Ho-joong’s cover video of “Endless” can be seen on each artist’s SNS.

Actor Kim Young-ho is a middle-aged Korean actor who is in a movie and drama.He is an actor who has been recognized for his outstanding performance and is one of the best actors in various dramas and movies.

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