Indiana Brockdon & Hilde raises possibility of a two-to-one trade

Indiana Brockdon & Hilde raises possibility of a two-to-one trade


Will the trade between the LA Lakers and the Indiana Pacers be possible?

CBS Sports reported on the 16th that “Russell Westbrook Trade: Indiana Pacers Malcolm Brockdon, How Malcolm Brockdon, Buddy Hield could fit on Lakers in a hypothetical Pacers deal.”

Westbrook is not easy to trade. He earns $47 million in annual salary this season. It’s a lot of money.

The shooting efficiency has decreased a lot. He was sluggish last season, and in short, it was “gyereuk.” His athletic ability has decreased a lot, but he still plays based on his athletic ability without improving his shooting ability. In other words, there is no guarantee that it will rebound next season.

Indiana is the team with the lowest home attendance last season. There is no definite star.

There is no guarantee that Westbrook will be traded on this basis alone. However, Indiana has a good chance of taking the tanking route for two to three years. While pushing for the Westbrook trade, the LA Lakers can win the right to nominate rookie draft. 파워볼사이트

If the LA Lakers also recruit Brockdon and Hilde, their power can be boosted enough. Hilde is one of the most accurate shooters in the league, and Brockdon is also an attacking guard who has more than 40% accuracy in wide-open three-point shot chances while solving the game.

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