“Infrastructure cheers → Fierce criticism of pitcher Ahn Woo-jin..

“Infrastructure cheers → Fierce criticism of pitcher Ahn Woo-jin.” Why is the extreme reaction? Excuses and Advice for Choo Shin-soo

In a column for a media outlet, Choi Ik-sung, the CEO of the Jneman, actively supported Choo Shin-soo’s remarks in defense of pitcher Ahn Woo-jin. He said, “I have already consistently voiced opposition to witch hunts against certain people, but my power was weak, so it was only a small echo.” However, top-class Choo Shin-soo is being attacked indiscriminately, he said.

pitcher Ahn Woo-jin

Indeed, it is. The weight of a horse varies from person to person. The weight of every word ‘superstar’ Choo Shin-soo says is never light.

A sharp criticism of the Korean baseball infrastructure thrown by Choo Shin-soo, who returned to Korea two years ago. It caused a great sensation through media reports. This was done by improving the actual infrastructure. The away locker at Jamsil Stadium, which had been neglected for decades, has been newly transformed. It was a surprise.

A case in point was that I could feel the power of Choo Shin-soo’s words. If the power of words is strong, they become influential. Sometimes it becomes the power to move others.

I talked about infrastructure improvement the same as others, but reality only responds to Choo Shin-soo’s words. Improvements are made like magic. It’s a good influence.

But the opposite is harsh.

The intensity of the criticism and the aftermath become stronger when a slip of the tongue or mistake is made. You might be upset by “Why am I the only one doing this?” However, like infrastructure improvement, the impact of “bad things” increases as much as the impact of “good things.”

Choo Shin-soo was at the center of intense criticism from fans and the media during the Lunar New Year holiday.

On the 21st, he appeared on a Korean radio outlet in Dallas, USA, expressing his determination to select the Korean national baseball team.

He expressed regret that he did not select talented young players such as Moon Dong-joo and Ahn Woo-jin. In the process, he strongly criticized Ahn Woo-jin for turning a blind eye to Ahn Woo-jin, who was eventually not selected due to school violence issues.

He said, “It’s a pity to hear and see as a third party. He is a talented player who can be a good player after Park Chan-ho, and I am also playing baseball in Korea, but there are so many things I don’t understand. It seems that forgiveness is not easy in Korea. If I did it when I was young, I regretted my mistakes, was punished, and was suspended, but I couldn’t participate in international competitions. Born early and not because he played baseball first, he should work hard for his juniors in unreasonable situations. No one is coming out. “When juniors are in the wrong place, they have to speak out and try to be helpful, but I just watch them,” he said.

Choo must have thought it was a loving bitter remark for Korean baseball again this time. Therefore, he would have made a determined statement in a stronger expression.

But the results are disastrously embarrassing. This is the opposite of when we mentioned undisputed infrastructure in the past. The aftermath was raging.

Why? The reason is clear. This is because he made too self-righteous claims on controversial issues.

Whether pitcher Ahn Woo-jin will be selected for the national team was already a hot potato. The pros and cons were widely divided. The KBO Technical Committee did not select Ahn Woo-jin after much consideration. The fact that there are victims who have not yet made up affected it. Except for Ahn Woo-jin, KBO and national team coach Lee Kang-chul focused on building the best power. Nearly half of the younger pitchers under the age of 25 were on board.

Choo Shin-soo pushed his case too firmly on a controversial issue. He said to the effect that “I should have elected Ahn Woo-jin and Moon Dong-joo.” The power of words, the powerful superstar. So his argument, which could be power, was too strong and one-sided. The self-righteous and one-sided claims of powerful people, whether the president or chaebol head, inevitably lead to public antipathy.

The higher the social position and the stronger the influence, the more careful and careful you should approach sensitive issues that can become social controversy. If you take a wrong step by step while drunk on power, you can be caught in the trap of small heroism that is hard to get out of.

It doesn’t mean that you should keep your mouth shut or just stay in the gray area.

The importance of the matter, the weight of the words and the timing should have been fully considered. This is because it has become a good position to do so. The approach of trying to lead the public in his own way, such as Ahn Woo-jin’s controversial selection of the national team, is not right. It was enough to add a spoon of humble and logical self-view.

Timing was also a problem. He should have expressed his belief before selecting for the national team or after finishing the tournament.

Considering the sensitivity of the controversy, Choo Shin-soo’s remarks were not smooth. The logic of failing to persuade the public is just a failed echo.

A cold reaction from the public that is completely different from the time of baseball infrastructure. I hope that this cynical reaction will not be dismissed as collective ignorance of the public. This is because the exercise of one’s influence is just a stupid escape that those in power, who are blocked by the wall of public opposition, often expect. Collective intelligence is born in a fierce debate for or against. In that respect, most public views often draw rational conclusions in confusion.

Nevertheless, I want to believe that Choo Shin-soo’s real intention was a good motive. The logic and method of capturing were wrong, but in a big context, I want to think that it was a mistake made from an old saying for the development of Korean baseball. This is because Choo Shin-soo is an irreplaceable and valuable asset that should continue to have a good influence on Korean baseball.

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