Ingram Clutch New Orleans catches Chicago and cuts off losing streak

Ingram Clutch New Orleans catches Chicago and cuts off losing streak


The New Orleans Pelicans (hereinafter referred to as New Orleans) beat the Chicago Bulls (hereinafter referred to as the Chicago Bulls) with their performance in Ingram, which dominated the clutch.

New Orleans beat Chicago, its opponent in the NBA’s 22-23 season, by 115-111, by four points at the United Center in Illinois on the morning of the 10th (Korea Standard Time). This ended New Orleans’ losing streak.

As for the two teams’ games, Chicago followed in the second half when New Orleans scored a run-off early in the quarter. Chicago finished the first half with a 52-50 lead by two points.

The same was true of the third quarter. When Chicago’s Nicola Bussevich set out to accumulate free throws, New Orleans’ Zion Williams won free throws in the same way. New Orleans struck a balance first as free throws by Zion and Jonas Valenschnas and CJ McCallum, who had been insignificant throughout the game, added free throws. Chicago also made points for DeRozan and Rabin to chase with consecutive jumpers.

Rabin helped Ayo Do-soon-moo score a cut and played in many ways, including stealing Valenschnas’ ball. Rabin’s performance was followed by DeRozan, who skillfully played his long-term mid-range game. Chicago, which tied the score with Goran Dragic along with DeRozan, turned the game around with Dragic’s Andrew and finished the third quarter with a three-point lead of 82-79.

In the fourth quarter, Zion and Ingram, who were also insignificant in the game, started with consecutive goals, and New Orleans started happily. When Xian tied the score with a footback layup, Dragic scored again to bring the lead. However, Chicago couldn’t stop the breaking through Zion and cut the flow once with a timeout.

After the timeout, Chicago scored on DeRozan’s pull-up jumper and Lavigne, this time drawing New Orleans’ operational time. After the timeout, New Orleans also scored a run-off by putting in both Ingram’s consecutive jumpers and free throws with three-point fouls. Chicago turned the tables again two minutes before Bucevic’s back-to-back three-pointers.

McCallum, who had been struggling in the attack, blocked DeRozan’s layup in defense and stole DeRozan’s ball to steal the attack, and continued the layup that Zion missed to score a footback to dominate the game with Huslow. In response, when DeRozan attempted to break through consecutively and scored six points, Ingram responded with three consecutive jumpers, including one three-point shot, and scored a wedge.

New Orleans, which scored a run-off with free throws by Zion and Herb Jones, won 115-111, a four-point victory, with Zion’s rebound at the end.

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