Iranian chess female player participates in international..

Iranian chess female player participates in international chess competition without hijab


An Iranian female chess player is drawing attention by participating in an international competition without a hijab.

CNN quoted Iran’s Zarama news agency as saying on the 28th (local time) that chess player Sarah Kadem participated in the International Chess Championship hosted by FIDE in Almaty, Kazakhstan on the 26th without a hijab.

Also called Sarasadat Kademal Sharii, he was born in 1997 and ranks 804th among chess players and 10th in Iran.

Since the start of anti-government protests in Iran, Iranian female players who do not wear hijabs have appeared in various international matches. Elnaz Lecabi, a sports climber, participated in the October International Sports Climbing Competition without a hijab.

Lekavi later said the hijab was removed, but suspicions were raised that the words might have been forced by the Iranian government. Since then, there have been reports that Lekavi’s family’s house was forcibly demolished earlier this month, raising questions that Iranian authorities may have retaliated.

Last month, Iranian female archer Parmada Gasemi said she did not know that she dropped the hijab and later dropped the hijab at an award ceremony in Tehran. Since then, it has been alleged on social media (SNS) that Gasemi has expressed support for anti-government protests as the scene of her staying still spread. 사설토토

Iranian Vice Sports Minister Mariam Kazemipur said female athletes who acted against Islamic law at the time regretted their actions and hoped to be given a chance to make up for their mistakes.

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