“Is this her?” Lee Sangjoon and Shin Bongsun..

“Is this her?” Lee Sangjoon and Shin Bongsun. Marriage rumor, “SolSol”?

Lee Sangjoon

Comedians Lee Sang-joon and Shin Bong-sun form a strange pink atmosphere that makes the scene hot. In the 48th episode of Channel A’s “Men’s Life-Groom Class these days,” which airs at 9:20 p.m. on the 11th, Shin Bong-sun, who spent a sweet time with his mother and child, will be shown.

On this day, Lee Sang-joon and his mother make beef leg soup at a country house. At this time, the mother explained the correlation between beef leg soup and breast milk, and said, “In the past, you were born as a 4kg baby, so the doctor said you could marry him.” In response, Lee Sang-joon lamented his solo life and gave a laugh, saying, “I should have married then.” Finally, the mother went a step further, saying, “The reason why I didn’t rush your marriage is because you got divorced if you got married early,” making your son dizzy.

After a while, Lee Sang-joon’s mother and daughter begin to pluck cabbages and radishes from the garden while the beef leg soup is being cooked. However, at this time, Shin Bong-sun makes a surprise visit and is welcomed by Lee Sang-joon and his mother. In particular, Lee Sang-joon’s mother immediately said, “Can you draw a future picture with Sang-joon?” and made the scene a sea of laughter. In fact, Lee Sang-joon’s mother and Shin Bong-sun show “Koong-jjak chemistry” from their first meeting, and Lee Sang-joon said, “I had a strange idea of ‘Is this a woman?’ to activate the pink mood.”

Afterwards, Lee Sang-joon baptizes Shin Bong-sun with “love comments,” saying, “My sister has a pretty face regardless of her clothes.” Shin Bong-sun also said, “Sangjoon! Do you want to marry me?” he asks straightforwardly.

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