ITZY Chaeryeong Reveals Out-of-Stage Daily Life

ITZY Chaeryeong Reveals Out-of-Stage Daily Life…Show off your craftsmanship at the pottery workshop.

ITZY Chaeryeong

A new episode of the VLOG series will be released.

JYP Entertainment posted Chaeryeong’s Vlog poster on ITZY’s official SNS channel on the afternoon of July 8. According to the poster, ITZY’s daily diary contents will be opened exclusively on ITZY’s YouTube channel at 6 p.m. on the 9th.

In the poster, Chaeryeong visited the pottery workshop and took her own pottery and left a selfie to draw attention. Chaeryeong’s excitement was felt in the picture of the pottery that she drew herself as well as the picture of a happy expression, raising questions about the main video. Usually, Chaeryeong captivates the hearts of fans by showing her calm tone and her unique charm in various contents and entertainment programs.

ITZY is building a special bond by revealing its cute daily life through its own content Vlog series, which contains off-stage daily lives. Global viewers are showing enthusiastic responses to the variety of aspects of those who have become “fourth generation front girl group” with their unique presence among K-pop fans.

In June, ITZY surpassed 200 million cumulative streaming of Spotify, a global music streaming platform, with its second mini album “IT’z ME”. “TING TING with Oliver Heldens,” “THAT’S A NO NO,” “NOBODY LIKE YOU,” “YOU MAKE ME,” “I DON’T” including the title track “WANNABE” and “I DON’T”

Recently, ITZY released a collaboration song called “Frozen” with their second aunt Kim Darby, drawing attention. The new song “Ice Sesame,” which features refreshing charm and refreshing beauty, delivers pleasant energy to fans and the public who are tired from the heat wave this summer.토토사이트

ITZY Chaeryeong

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